About me

When it comes down to it, it has always been about capturing the special moments and memories in someone’s life being the reason I do what I do. Sounds cliché but it’s true; seeing an image from the past always brings back a flood of memories and stories that I love to revisit in my own life. Capturing couples has always been where my heart sings and listening to their stories and being able to create that same feeling for you is so amazing. So that is what brought me to weddings. Telling your story through images so that you can go back and look at them over the years is what it is all about.

oh hey friend!

You can call me Sara

Est. 2010

You’ve probably been on 100 photographer sites by now, so why me? What in the world should make you want to choose me?

First thing to know… it is sooo important we are a good fit. As a photographer, I thrive in most environments, but shooting outdoors is what sets my soul on fire! Whether that is in the mountains, or even in the great PNW desert, I am so here for it! But I am also probably not going to be the photographer that will go on a 10-mile hike...  know we can shoot in incredible locations regardless. What I am really here to do is to capture your connection and who you are. If you are into boating, or 4-wheelers, let's find a way to incorporate that. I want to capture who you truly are.   

Second, I will be more than just your photographer or another vendor. From the minute you book with me to years after your gallery is delivered. I will be there! Need timeline help, location scouting, bridesmaid dress color recommendations? I am here for you. I will be your hype girl and help you with whatever you need!

If you’re vibing with this and ready to jump right in, let’s freaking do this!