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Photographs capture a moment in time forever. These images remind us of how young we were & how special these events were in the past. Whether you decide to elope, or have a huge wedding with all of your friends and family. I will be there for whatever you do!

Photos have such an artistic power to bring out the intimate and special memories that we cherish deep in our hearts. We live in a time that focuses so much on materialistic items, but if is anything is for certain, these photos at the end of the day, are truly priceless.

I've been photographing weddings for well over 12 years now, and everyone's day is unique to them. Weddings can be so much fun to plan. Knowing you are throwing a huge celebration of your love can be thrilling. If you've been dreaming of your wedding day since you were young, I can only imagine how much time and energy you'll be putting into your day. The entire experience from dress shopping, to cake tasting, to finding bridesmaid dresses, it is a super fun process!

But that's not for everyone. 

Having a small elopement in front of a few people that you treasure dearly might be your dream. Getting married at a beach, at a cabin in the woods, or even going someplace special that you can go back to and remember the memories, is what is important to you. And that is just as special, because it is what you want!

Whether you decide to elope, or plan a big wedding, just remember. it’s about the two of YOU. 

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Remember this is about you...


Considering eloping, but not sure where to start? Let me help you!

Eloping is an intimate celebration of your marriage. It can be as intimate as you want, where it's just the two of you, or you can have a few friends/family there. I've photographed many elopements and each one is unique and special. 

One of the greatest things about eloping is that there is no rushed timeline! My photography style is documentary, and I love to capture real moments as they unfold, and that is why I really love capturing elopements. I will work directly with you to make your timeline for the day, help with location scouting and really guide you to make this the easiest process.

The Gorge, Leavenworth, Ruby Beach, Mt. Rainier, The North Cascades, Gold Creek Pond, or anywhere that means a lot to you. 

Some locations that I love: 


Decide that a wedding is what you really want? AWESOME!

Getting to celebrate and have a big wedding with friends and family is a freaking blast. I am in your corner from the day you book with me. So think of me not only as your photographer, but as your new friend! We will be chatting, planning this day for months, and working together for the entire day. I will just be there with a camera the entire time.

During planning we build a timeline together to help your day run smoothly, and we will schedule in time to get all the pictures you want without getting overwhelmed and stressed. This day should be all about fun and celebrating your love. You can count on me joining in on the fun during the reception! 

Let's grab a coffee, meet at a local coffee shop & chat about your special day! If that doesn't work, we can schedule a zoom call and go over all the details virtually! 

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Yay! We are doing the dang thing! I will send over a contract and once it is signed by you, retainer is paid, we will be official! 

Once we set a date for your engagement session, I'll send you over a prep guide to make sure you get the most out of our time together! 

Two to Four months prior to your wedding day we will get on another call or meet in person to go over the details. If you have a planner I will work closely with them to make sure we have the perfect amount of time scheduled for photos!

Woo hoo! You're officially married! I will send sneak peeks within 48 hours after your wedding. Your final gallery will be delivered in 6-8 weeks after the big day. 

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